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Hi, folks. We gonna keep this'ere entry pretty short, because a) I'm writing it (ba-boom-ching!), and b) we gots a LOT to do today.* 

Typical week down at the farm. Work during the days, acting classes by night, stealth ninja in my spare time. (Whoops! Did I write that publicly? Forget I said anything. *does Jedi mind trick*) We went out for "phuh" (what normal people would call "pho") at work on Friday, and it was fun. The food was merely so-so, but it was nice to kick back with my coworkers and just relax. It's been a very busy week. And, man, are they nerdy! It's great. They won't admit it, but that makes it half the fun. D&D, 70s-90s wrestlemania**, how such and such a new movie that came out fits into the historical timeframe for such and such an event. Delovely. Now, if the job itself weren't so dull and necessitated much sitting at a desk...

Friday night was hysterical. So, I told you all about the Epic Clean, right? Where I had to make my apartment spotless for company yesterday? We reached 95%, and that, my friends, is good enough for government work(ers). I invited a lot of my training-classes buddies over for a night of boardgames and fun.*** Five people RSVPed saying they couldn't come, but definitely next time. One guy said yes, he would come. Didn't hear from anyone else.

Well, it turned out that only he came! But that turned out to be all right because, not ten minutes after he was awkwardly installed in my apartment, we discovered we were both geeks--and went into a rip-roaring conversation: the historical saga of Dune (he's a massive fan), videogaming (I may have a convert to Bioshock!) and which new platforms are best for it, tabletop gaming (eee! He loves Shadowrun!! With him, possibly his wife, and this one young guy at work who expressed interest, if we can get one or two more people, we could have a game!^), and upcoming movies, we managed to burn nearly two hours without either of us even looking at a watch.

But, long about 9:45, I realized how late it was getting and sent him home--because I was late for my gaming session. (hah. Priorities, eh? ;) ) That went well, too, I think. It's quite interesting to see the various reactions to my character when he realizes he has to reach out to the metas. I don't think they like him reaching out to them, either! (Speaking of which, I have pages and pages of story written for my character while he's out of session. If there's interest--we'll say two people saying something--I'll post up a bit, so you can meet him. He's actually quite fun--if you're human.) But I've just introduced my little cop's former partner on the force back in Austin (they're in Seattle, of course; this is Shadowrun), and I have the most horrible urge to slash the two of them. I blame lepusdomesticus for that.  Must...resist...the urge, but it's sooo amusing.

Anyway, Saturday I did my ushing (ushering?) duties for school and met one of the shiny new first semester day kids.  He was sweet, but oh-so-very shy.  We did bond over horror movies, though.  Go figure.  Then I vagabonded around, checking out secondhand clothes stores I've been meaning to check out forever (the weather will be getting ever-increasingly warmer, soon) and seeing if the purple corduroy fabric I wanted for a coat I want to make was still on sale.  Sadness!  They were sold out.  Time to turn to teh internets.  Then I gloriously greasy dinner at Johnny Rocket's (yaaaay, patty melt!) with Diet Coke^^ with not just cherry but also chocolate syrup (and I only got charged for one!) and a trip to get a slice of the best chocolate cake I've found in the city so far (it's my crazy-eating day, if you couldn't tell), and it was time to go home.  The cake was just delovely with a cup of chai, but I ran out of milk, so it wasn't the best it could be.

Then...I'm almost ashamed to admit it, I blew four hours on this new website I found.  (darthbitsy , you probably know the one.)  It was very fun, but there went my plans to do laundry, go grocery shopping, and go for a long run.  Whoopsy.  So, we bicycled instead--as the back seems to be letting up, finally--and called it a day.

So, today we will play catchup with all those chores we planned to do and take that swim we planned for yesterday for exercise.  Then home to go to bed as early as possible, because tomorrow is going to be a busy day.  I have a report to understand, research, and write up for COB Tuesday.  Yup.  They wouldn't renegotiate the deadline when I got pulled to something the department needed ASAP, so I'm going to be deep fried by Wednesday.  Whoo-hoo.  I can already forsee it's going to be tough to sleep tonight...

But that is then, and this is now, and my weatherbug says it's a lovely 56 degrees outside and it looks hella sunny.  So, to collect my laundry, then let the fun and games begin!

*So, what else is new?

** I kid you not. They have an honest-to-goodness coffeetable book sitting on one of our tables. They argue about the contents often.

***Yes, we could have done a happy hour. But those things are boring.

^Yes, I already have one Shadowrun game, and, yes, I am still very happy with it. But two is always better than one, yes? What's that you say? The "racy" D&D game I was invited to join? I haven't heard back from her in over a month now. She snoozes, I go find a different outlet for my Mayhem. Besides, who needs white slavery when you have extraterritoriality and extradition?

^^Did I mention I was giving up caffeinated Diet Coke?  it's been really hard, but I'm two weeks in and doing great.  I gave it to myself as a treat yesterday, and I could already definitely feel the difference after I had it.  Tasty as all get-out, but we're going to have to leave it as a treat.  I'm already tense enough as it is, and I don't like heart palpitations.
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