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Sick Day!

Sadly, because I AM sick. Ah, well. Not much to say about today, but I thought I would tack on a nice "I'm all right" codicil to yesterday's rant, since it seems like certain people still do not know what "no comments" means. (That was very sweet of you, though. But I'm not responding because that would set a precedent.)

Much sleep has been had, and I discovered that I could make a turkey-pepperoni pizza omelet, which was very tasty. Prep for tomorrow, as much exercise as I can convince the (skeptical) body that it wants, and then off to acting class. Maybe. I still sound like I've been gargling with razorblades--or, maybe, that I followed several of my characters and took up smoking--so I might just give myself the night off and, dare I say it, go to bed early.

So, yes, reams of excitement here, but sleep is very nice.
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