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*waves while running by*

heh heh We're on break for class; they don't know I snuck out to play hooooky.

Greetings, my friends! I have not forgotten you. I just have had absolutely no time lately. I finally moved into the new place this past weekend, and that just about ate my life for a good few weeks. But, now, it is done, and I can box-surf as I look for stuff in da room. Always fun. And I have a real kitchen! And I set a whole new record for longest time awake!! 42 and a half hours. Ugh. I would very much like to die now, but it's only Tuesday.

But I bet you all are waiting for the good stuff--the Shadowrun stories. Trust me, it is coming. I have parts one and two of the challenge done, and part three is so dang close (although it wants to keep going after that to parallel what happens in the session). I also have great ideas for stuff to expand for next session--and I need to catch you all up!

So, yes, preview of coming attractions. I can't update from work (the firewalls don't like LJ), but I'll start typing things in now, and it should be up this weekend. Hold tight, my lovelies, the good stuff is coming.

Oh, yeah, and acting class is a little dull right now. We've got a micromanaging director, and it's a Greek play. More anon, as I'm getting called back to class.
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