p_a_morningstar (p_a_morningstar) wrote,

Shout Out

A big shout out to moveslikegiallo .  Thanks for the candy!  I am so excited to try it..  I have never seen rhubarb and custard or cola cubes (we have something kind of like the sherbet fountain and love hearts over here, as well--still good, though).  You know what this means, though, don't you?  In the spirit of scientific inquiry, every once and a while, we might want to consider such an exchange.  For scientific inquiry, of course.  *wink*  [And you picked a lovely weekend for it, too.  Definitely needed the pick-me-up.]  And I'm so excited for Re-Action!  I'm taking it in as a breakup between some very looooong training sessions this week.

In other news, which is not really news, PA has bitten off more than she can chew.  Again.  In fact, I've discovered that I really cannot cram anything else into my life, no matter how much I shove.  Case in point, I really ought to be asleep right now, since 6 AM is coming aaaawful early.  But, since I'm here, the highlights:

-New job!  Still being trained!  At some point, I'm sure they'll decide that I won't pee on the rug.  Not yet, though.

-Still in acting school!  Cool stuff.  But it would be just as cool if they extended it for a week and cut the hours to three instead of four.  Just sayin'.

-Marathons are hard!  And yet, we ran one anyway.  And tried to run today, nearly a week afterwards, and the body was NOT HAPPY.  I don't think I've ever had to counter a mutiny from that quarter before.

-Starting a new film project!  It should be...fascinating.  Still not sure about it yet, though.

-Limping through NaNo!  Yes, we are still trying to do NaNo this year.  It is not a good idea, and we are waaaay behind.  And, yet, it feels really good to get back to Kaelstrom.

-I will put exercise before sleep.  I'm still amazed.

-I will also put "computer time " (which seems to, mostly, be fifteen minutes of Facebook twice a day) before sleep.  I'm kinda disgusted.

Okay, must go sleep now. 
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