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Alas, poor AlphaSmart...

My AlphaSmart, I think, has started to die. It just erased everything I'd done up to this point, which included blog entries for the past few days, an FK e-mail I was writing to lepusdomesticus, and story notes for me. I think, after a couple years of steady use and a life before me that included high schoolers, it is, sadly, dying. We'll see if I rewrite those blog entries. I have a few hours left of work, but I just won't be able to remember the tone and the fun (and the frustration, in yesterday's case) with which I wrote them the first time. Sadness. Good thing I finished that evil, evil inventory list (took almost half the 'Smart's filespace!) and dumped most of what was on here before it went. Sad about the blog entries, though. They were pretty funny, if I do say so myself. Don't know if I trust this thing enough to really go to town anymore. It's at least a decade old. It's possible all this recent use has just fried the poor devil.
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