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Ooh, Shiny!

September 22

Ugh. Sleeeeep. I spent the morning in a sleep-needing haze. But that’s all right, ‘cuz most of my officemates were the same way—and I only have five workdays left at this job!!

And you can really tell. I finished up that awards project, then they had me help box up stuff to be sent to their new location at Fort Knox. Then we found out the movers were coming for the boxes in an hour. That really kicked the anthill. But, now, it looks like there will be no new work through the end of the assignment. Wow. That is both liberating (I can do anything I want, so long as I bring it) and depressing (I’m getting up for, more or less, nothing?).

Not much other news to report. On the practical front, my guardians angel came to my rescue moneywise, so PA shall live to fight and curse government two-week paycycles another day. My bank is also a pain in the @$$, since they decided to swap to a new bank card on the same day I ran out of minutes on my phone (which I couldn’t reactivate until I got some more moola) and needed to swap my card number for several bills—which I couldn’t do until I activated said card, which I couldn’t do until I got more minutes on my phone, which I couldn’t do until I got more money, which I *could* have done if I’d been on a normal paycycle. Grr. But that’s all taken care of (thank you, my Gas!) AND I can pay tuition for the acting class, which is also due today—and the stupid FAFSA loan still hasn’t gone through. You can see why I was going through a mini-meltdown earlier this week. Thank God I’ll be starting my “real job”salary next month. I can’t handle this nonsense.

Speaking of nonsense, I still don’t see why my bank had to change my card. I don’t want “platinum,” and I don’t need “reward points”! Grump, grump, grump; grumble, grumble, grumble.

Okay, enough with the curmudgeon. I have to tell you all about improve class last night because it was a-frickin’-credible. I don’t know if it was the tiredness, or the fact I was more comfortable there, or what, but I was so goofy. And it came out so well! Sadly, I don’t remember everything we did, but the topic of the night was ‘storytelling’, which, I flatter myself, I’m pretty good at. We warmed up with disassociation games, making lists using words that are as different from each other as possible: puppy, blue, glass, running, etc. It’s really hard to do fast. Then “gumbying”—being an autobot that only does what your teammates tell you. Then being the body while someone else is your arms and hands. That one was particularly amusing because two of us have shorter arms. But, then, we got to the particularly great ones.

We were supposed to come in with an emotional state and pantomime two objects that our partner could use and would help define the location. Our partner would come in with one and the opposite emotional state. We would have to switch in the middle. The teacher gave us the “title” of the scene and the genre, and we took it from there. I got to do a war movie called the “Big Gun” that had my partner and I crawling around behind two chair bunkers, trying to prep a rocket, and writing letters back home. It was fun. Another group had to do a romantic comedy called “The Pineapple,” and it was so funny. One girl was obviously the wife and the other the husband (we’re an all-girl class), and it got very silly. I thought they were on a romantically-lit couch, but it turned out it was supposed to be a bed. The instructor said, if they were going to go there, they had to “use” it—and they got so embarrassed! And just to see them try to incorporate “pineapple” was just hilarious.

But the highlight of my night was actually the very last scene. Same emotional switch-up—kinda. This time, it was “smart” and “dumb”. I should also point out that the policy in the class is to “always say yes” to any offer another teammate gives you. That’s going to be important later. So, the title was the “Locker Room”, and I forget the genre. I decided to start “dumb”, so I took my glasses off. I pretended I was in a towel, fumbling with the lock on my locker. I started to get dressed and was still in my underwear (all pantomimed, of course) when my scene partner came in. I should say, I was acting with the other alum. I don’t think I’ve talked about her yet. She’s extremely volatile, you never know where she’s going to go in a scene, and what she does doesn’t always make sense. She’s very prudish, like me, and she’s extremely shy. Very sweet girl. Her characters tend to be pretty surly. That’s what makes this scene so amusing—the two biggest prudes in the room!

Curious yet? So, Shy Lady walks in and says, “What are you doing in my locker?” Well…since I’d already pantomimed starting to get dressed, I’d kinda backed myself in a corner. I had no idea what to do, so I just let my mouth take over. Much to my embarrassment (and extreme amusement), I said, “You got pretty underwear”as a kinda dumb schmuck. A silence fell over the room, and you could see Shy Lady had absolutely no idea what to do with that. So, she made it worse—which made the entire room cackle. She asked (face beet red, as I’m quite sure mine was), “What are you, a homo?” Well, remember what I said about always having to accept anything your partner does? After a second of surprise, I agreed, grinned, and made a pass at her. Which freaked her out even more and probably made me look like I was about to have apoxaplexy. That was the turning point, where I was to become “smart,” and she “dumb”. So, I put on my glasses and made a show of finding her uglier than I’d thought and starting to back away. She asked me not to tell about the underwear and swore it was her (his?) girlfriend’s, and he never wore it. Now, I’d pantomimed putting on all of my underwear, but it sounded like we were switching genders, so I went with it. He asked what guarantee he had that I wouldn’t mention what I’d found, and I grinned and said none, and the panties were on my @$$ and I was walking off with them. I couldn’t quite go so far as to smack my butt, but I pointed provocatively and swished off, still technically speaking only in a bra and panties.

It was…amusing. And really embarrassing. And kinda freeing. I just let my mouth go off, and it got us in sooo much trouble. Or, I should say, Shy Lady got us in trouble (that’s the teacher’s phrase for it; as in, ä good scene is when you get your partner in trouble”), and I gleefully made it worse. I apologized profusely to her afterwards because that’s what I do, but that has got to be the loosest, swingingest acting part I’ve ever done. And it went really well. And the weirdest part was that I could actually see the locker room we were in. I could see the clothes and the towel and the lock and everything. Crazy. I’m just wondering if there’ll be a time that I’m acting or improving or whatever, and one of my story characters takes over. That would be…fascinating.

Anyway, on to different things. I don’t think I’ve been dreaming that much lately, ‘cuz I haven’t been sleeping that much lately, but last night and the night before (tommyknockers, tommyknockers knockin’on the door – ahem) I had two super-strong visuals. I don’t remember the substance of the dreams, unfortunately (although I wrote down what I could in my dream journal; I’ll check when I get home), but two images are so clear.

In the one from last night, I was at an amusement park. And it was actually a thriving park! I’ve only ever been in an amusement park once before, and it was decayed and dying, like most of the settings in my dreams. But this park was chock full of alligators. Not crocodiles, but alligators. Not that I would be able to see a difference, but there you go. That’s interesting because I get—specifically—alligators from time to time. Normally, though, it’s just one biiiiig one in a fast-moving river that I have to cross. This time, those ‘gators were all over the park! It was like a Vols’nightmare. Yuk yuk yuk But I don’t remember if the (Dang! Filled up another file all the way! How is this happening? Maybe I need to totally scrub this thing out.) alligators were friendly or not. And that’s surprising—because, normally, if it’s one of my dreams, they’re not.

The other dream was more of a snapshot. It was of a man, entirely in black-and-white, sitting in an office chair. I got the impression that I was the only one who could see him, and he had come to convince me that I needed to be somewhere else, doing something vitally important. (Amusing that he wanted to get me to leave work. Wouldn’t have to convince me all that hard!)

The thing was, he looked like a cross between the Crow, the Sandman, and…Joker, a character from FK. No wings that I remember. But the hair was long and black and kind of up somehow, maybe a la 80s hair metal. His face was deathly white, his lips were black, and he had deep black circles around and under his eyes. His eyes, themselves, may also have been black, but I forget. He was dressed in a skintight black leather body straight jacket, a la basement/early Alucard (Hellsing), complete with visible bands and strips of leather, grommets, and shiny silver buckles/straps, and he had massive black leather buckled boots that came almost to his knees and had masses and masses of eyelets. I remember because they and his face and hands and straight jacket buckles were the only parts of him that shone. (The “office” was very dark. No visible light source.) He may have also had black nails, I’m not sure. But he appeared on my office chair, spinning ‘round and ‘round, and spoke very earnestly. But there was that Joker sense of humor hidden somewhere in his eyes. My Joker, that is. And I got the impression he wasn’t wearing makeup; that was just him. He was so intense. Not demanding, exactly, but it was a matter of life and death. That was for certain. I just got waves of strong emotion off him. I wish I could remember what he said in the dream…

Actually…that reminds me of a story idea I had a looong time ago. Guy wakes up from a sound sleep to find someone in a chair at his desk. It’s dark in the room, but the interloper turns to the guy in bed and introduces himself as his old imaginary friend. They had business they needed to discuss…

Other than that, I think I’m good. We get out of here in another hour, then to class (script analysis; undoubtedly much quieter than improve, especially compared to last night’s class), home, and collapse. I’m going to try to take care of money stuff over break at the Conservatory, so I can just go straight to bed. I want to get up early (doooouble ugh) to run tomorrow, so I want all the time I can get. I’d skip it, but I’m starting to feel awfully squishy, so I’ve probably rested up enough after the mega-run on Saturday. Okay, then, sports fans, same bat time, same bat channel.

Siiiigh They just brought me a project. A typing project. ‘Course, there’s really no room on this AlphaSmart right now, so where am I supposed to put it? Well, there goes my hope of a quiet end to work…
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