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More to Come (she warns) once I Upload Tomorrow...

Well, my friends, I’m so caught up of late, there isn’t much I can add. Acting class went well last night. Now that I’ve been cleared by the security desk, I can leave early and get to class early. So, even though I’m transferring lines and walking for a half-hour (through brutal sun) AND stopping for ice cream (chocolate and tart-yogurt peach is an odd combination. Regular ice cream would have been better, methinks), I was still early.

We had script analysis class, and it wasn’t bad. It’ll be a lot better with a better play, though. This one, about a woman dealing with being sexually abused by an uncle growing up, just ain’t my cup of tea. Nor is it for my fellow classmates, either.

But our teacher was so perky! I’ve never seen anyone quite so excited about analysis before. He handed out a Milton poem beforehand to warm us up (brought back memories of Carleton and high school—where’s my note buddy when I need her??), and you’d have thought it was Christmas by how happy he was when we would answer. (Despite what he said, it really wasn’t that hard.)

But, boy, were we draaaaging by the end of the night. Teach had to give us a five-minute “special” break just to run around! (Didn’t help.) I think we were all just hoping he would let us out early.

Before I leave acting class, I have to wonder: how much do my classmates *read*? When we dramatically read the play, they stumble over what I would think are easy words. Now, not everyone is a 19th century novel fan, so I can understand that they don’t know the word ‘milquetoast’. But titter? Or acetylene?

Anyway, I walked home afterwards through a gorgeous night. I stopped by CVS to find something to help me sleep, and I wound up with something “natural” with melatonin. I don’t care whether it’s natural or not. I want it to work, but I don’t want to use it all that often. I don’t want to get dependent on having a sleep aid. But I come home so wired and have to go to bed *immediately* and my heart gets to pounding…

But I took one last night, and—pfft! I was down for the count and didn’t wake up AT ALL until about a half-hour before my alarm. I can’t say I bounded out of bed, but I was up and out and at the gym by six AM. The body informed me quite forcefully that it did NOT want to do what I’d planned, so I jumped rope instead. I ended up looking like a flagellant, but I feel good.

And, now, say it with me now, I have no projects at work. Easiest $18/hr I’ve ever made. Beats the endless inventorying at the other place! But I do miss the people. I miss them a lot. People don’t really talk here, at least, not to me.

And, now, my friends, the homework is done, I’ve read the paper, and I’m done with today’s blog entry. And it’s 9 AM. FK, Exorcise This!, and the new Jack McDevitt novel (DeepSix), here I come.

*McDevitt’s the same guy who wrote the book I babbled about yesterday. I’ve only gone through the first chapter, but, already, half the crew is dead from some evil birds. Horror and sci-fi! Who’d have thought?

On a not-quite-unrelated note, I told Dad and Step-mom over the weekend that I’m in acting school. They were surprisingly supportive. They did point out a few practical things, like sleep and money issues, but they weren’t against it. Well, Step-mom doesn’t really get on the phone anymore for our weekly chats, so I don’t really know what’s up with her. But Dad seemed happy for me. If I had known they were going to take it so well, I’d have told them earlier and saved myself the trouble. See, just another example of PA making things harder than they need to be. Something to remember when we try to start Operation Social Life up again this weekend.

News flash—new project! And it looks like it should take a bit, too. *sigh* Just as I was settling in. And it’s…inventorying boxes! Gee, that sounds familiar. But, hey, good military history (interesting), and I’m being useful while I’m being paid.

Finally! I get to see a mimeograph. And it really is purple. But it doesn’t smell. Didn’t I read that it had a nice smell? And I’m indexing 70s/80s stuff, so everything is a carbon-copy of typewriter stuff. Very cool.
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