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Catchin' Up

Well, sports fans, it’s almost 2 PM, and I’ve already gone through all my reading material and managed to somehow lose the spacebar on my AlphaSmart. All told, an interesting day.

The past weekend was pretty quiet. Aside from gaming on Friday, voting on Saturday, and epic cooking on Sunday, not all that much happened. I was supposed to go to a cat show with a friend, but it fell through. Boo.

I got up an hour later on Friday (6 AM, a treat!), so I hurried from work at the end of the day to fly through a swim (and have a Five Guys burger, which was quite good) to get back to the house in time for gaming.

I’m not quite sure what the GMs are up to right now.* They have multiple arcs going all at the same time, and they just started a new one. There are:

1. A turf war between the Yaks and the Triad
2. A building war between the Mafia and the Mafiya
3. Someone trying to call up some kind of evil juju at the university that went wrong, spawning a swarm of hellbunnies that have a mildly sadistic sense of humor (and a love of confectionry, psychology and sociology, and musicals)
4. We’ve done a couple runs against and co-opted an employee from Ares (although we haven’t been tied to any of that yet, and the gibbon doesn’t seem to be talking—about that, anyway)
5. To varying degrees, we have LoneStar, DocWagon, and frackin’ Aztechnology pissed off at us
6. We have an upcoming election, where none of the possible candidates is particularly lovely, but only the whackadoodle loves us. And we helped him against an assassination attempt. Again, haven’t been linked to it—yet.
7. We might have been seen at a local Humanis/pro-metahuman rally/counter-rally that saw one assassination attempt, lots of media crews, and the local police arriving *awfully* fast. Like they knew it was going to happen, maybe.
(Note: It’s rather hard to type without a spacebar, and my keys are really sticking. This may prove the death knell for the little AlphaSmart.)

8. We just ticked off a local gang. Granted, they’re smaller-fry—but they’re everywhere, including this one area we need to case for an upcoming job. If it’s just them, this could get annoying. If they’re fronting for someone (likely, since they had a drone they couldn’t have afforded, and they’re all but guarding the secret facility we need to hit), this could get dicey. And, add to that that my character “saved himself from a gang” growing up—who knows whether he originally wanted to leave or not—and this could get most amusing. I don’t think I took gangspeak as one of my linguistic skills, but his’d be twenty years old, at least, anyway.
9. Then there’s the job we just took. Now, granted, energy was really, really low on all sides on Friday, but for the GMs. So, we didn’t ask a lot of questions. I was also thoroughly engrossed in singing along with REO Speedwagon at the top of my lungs (with the mic unplugged, natch), so…ah, I missed a few of the details. But the idea is that the facility is a testing site for a “nonlethal explosion”, like a gel round C4. (And, if that made sense to you, then, congrats! You game too much. ;) ) There may also be paracritter testing there.
Here’s the rub: Our Johnson—Robert “Call Me Bob” Ross—is an unofficial front for Ares, and he pretty much said so (see previous note on Ares connection). He couldn’t track down who/what was running the facility—too many shells, I’m assuming—but he turned up Mitsuhama and something else I didn’t catch. And Mitsuhama is ringing little mental bells from when I read _Blood in the Boardroom_, so I will need to track that down. But, the point is: this job is for a corp we may have pissed off (see Ares note) in a territory of a gang we pissed off (see above). It was given to us by a personal call from the whackadoodle (see above). I arrived a mite late, so I don’t know how he got my number. Oh! I forgot to mention, remember the thing about paracritters? Well, Gowan did an extra perimeter search after everyone had left (gotta love a naturally paranoid character) and turned up potential evidence of a “bunnicula” on the loose. Yes, that bunnicula. This could just be *my* paranoia talking, but experiments mean doctors/scientists, and they mean DocWagon (see above).

There are a couple complicating factors: there’s going to be an Urban Brawl game *right outside the facility* in days. The ganglet loves UB, though, so that won’t be an issue. Also, it’s faded from sight for the moment, but I can’t believe the martial arts tourney coming up doesn’t have *something* to do with the yaks, mafs x2, and other sundries, and we’ve already started choosing sides with them.

But, all told, it doesn’t really feel, despite all the connections, that things are coming together yet. Rather, it feels like we’re adding on and adding on some more. Blast and damn my character yet again for being a recent transplant AND not working his meta contacts! I want a local fixer, someone plugged into magic, and some community ties. I guess that’s what my little excursion to Humanis headquarters could be. Aww, look, Gowan’s making friends! They’re human supremacists and anti-Communist blood-donators (the whackadoodle, and, no, I am not even kidding), but why quibble. I really should flesh out that “generic mafia” contact, though. Maybe make him someone else more useful to me. So far, the GMs have expertly dodged all my attempts at extricating additional information out of them—even with good rolls and exposition—but I believe I have found the weak link when it comes to long e-mails. Perhaps, if I spam his box with a particularly looong one…

But, yes! After all that mess, if anyone has any ideas/avenues to follow up with you’d like to lay on me (or good songs I should blast at the next session), please do not hesistate to ping!

Let’s see…after gaming, despite my honed sense of self-preservation, I stayed up waaaay too late watching a movie I shall not discuss with you, on the grounds that I might incriminate myself. I will say only that Netflix recommended it based on that baaaad movie last week that I, also, didn’t talk about. The one with the creepy-cool eye scene? Anyway, I found this one just as hokey and campy as you please, just as I’d hoped. Kind of an MTV-does-Dark-Shadows, if you will. Oh, no. I’ve said too much.

Saturday found me prepping for the week, since I thought yesterday would be filled with fuzzy delights like a cat parade (unless they carried the cats on palanquins, I can’t imagine how they managed that), an agility show,…and adoptables. Mayhap ‘tis best I didn’t go, after all.

Anyway, beyond a spectacular sunset and breezy temps, Saturday was filled with libraries (needed to gas up on some new readable; more on that anon), voting in a primary, and groceries.

Sunday, pretty quiet. Didn’t sleep in because I thought I was catshowing, and that turned into a laaazy Sunday catching up on FB and my inbox, since I likely shall not see either until this weekend. Then, I went for a run with, again, faboo temps and, this time, an angry sky. I took my time, stopping at the gym afterward to lift some weights (exchange grunts with a few Cro Magnons who, seriously, seem to see my little 50 pounds as a threat to their 250), stretch out, and crunch. Then it was home to prep lunch and dinner for the week while watching _Zombieland_ (Blast and damn you, library DVD, for having a scratch and stalling out in the last five minutes. Somebody help a girl out! Does Tallahassee get his Twinkie? Does Ohio get the girl? Man, that is a fabulous nutball movie). Yup, whole week. I’m still not quite sure how I stashed five sacks in there (portable space expanders help), and it took me four hours, but it should save me time. Point of fact, I was into work 20 minutes early (7:40 AM) today. … … What is wrong with this picture?

Well, partially, the problem (seguying into today) is that I seem to have inherited not being able to sleep on Sunday nights from the ‘rents. Blast. So, although I was in bed early, I fell asleep late and sat bolt upright at 3 AM, and nothing I could do could get me back to sleep. Believe me, I tried. That’s it! I’m buying Nyquil.

On the plus side, though, I finished the book I started last night. It is just STELLAR (ha ha). “The Devil’s Eye”by Jack McDevitt. I suppose you could call it a space mystery/gentle ghost story. I just loved it. The man (I’d never heard of him) has a way with words, and I didn’t even realize this was the fourth in a series until near the end. It does lose momentum near the end (I think he carried the plot too far past the climax and tried too hard for a happy ending), but I got so caught up in finding out how it ended that I didn’t entirely care.

Let’s see, other than that, I think they’ve given up on finding me work, or there’s some minor crisis going on. I nabbed an old case from the appeals side late on Friday, and I finished it up this morning (fascinating stuff—WWII). Then I’ve had time to finish my novel, read the paper, and write this blog entry—and I still have about two hours left. Well, I guess I’ll do Tuesday night’s homework and, then, I promised lepusdomesticus that FK update, and my backer that I’d finish up that screenplay, so—toodle-oo! More on how week 2 of script analysis (tonight) goes on the morrow.

*And I have intel that at least two of them might even occasionally frequent this blog, so this might get a bit technical.
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