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And She's Up to It Again, Folks

Hey, ey, hey—I’m back! Like a bad penny. Like 80s fashion. Like that evil, sparkly vampire in the night.

Okay, not that bad.

But, yes, I have burned through (ha ha! They had me filling burn bags!)—count ‘em—TWO projects today already (it’s 11 AM), so, now, dear followers, no reason to keep you in suspense any longer. (I have also finished up all my homework for Monday AND figured out who I’m going to vote for in the primaries this weekend. I’m running out of things to do without diving head-first into a story, and I want to make sure I get all of the to do’s done first.)

Anyway, when we last left our heroine, she was bouncing around, figuring out what to do with herself at work. I should also say, I found out that my jobs are, by far, the better ones. The other guy who came in at the same time I did has gotten stuck indexing names on all their 1500 slides of microfiche. Yikes! I will take indexing rather fascinating mail correspondence and sorting stuff into keep-burn piles any day.

But, yes, the day ended yesterday, and the guy who was supposed to escort me out* got delayed. And delayed. And delayed. He was a good sport and hurried me out afterward, just in time to watch my train leave. *sigh* So, I got to script analysis late. And I didn’t get to stop at Subway on the way (for I had eaten dinner as an afternoon snack. For some reason, I’ve been REALLY hungry lately.), so I came to class *makes crumpled down noise*.

But class itself was, actually, quite fun. The alum didn’t come, so it was just the three of us and the teacher, and he was really fun. Much less “teachy” than the Improv teacher. In fact, if he were about ten years younger, he could have been one of us. (The jokes about world domination rather outed him, I must admit. They also showed that my fellow to-be actresses are not similarly minded, alas.) He’s also quite cute, which is proving to be distracting, even in the face of an empty stomach. But, yes, we learned about the first “phase” of how to analyze a script (we shall learn about the other two in “mods” two and three, which appear to be the other two blocks of the first trimester, each block being five weeks and two classes long.) and then read through our first script.

The script was…interesting. I think I got the two best characters to read, if I do say so myself (although, with that script, that really is saying a lot). I was also a little put out that the other two girls weren’t really acting their parts as they read, but that’s okay. Anyway, the script is called “How I Learned to Drive,” but should actually be called “everything I learned about sex, I learned from my crazy family, including my creepy uncle.” Oh, yes, it’s that kind of play. I ended up getting to play the kooky grandmother who bursts out with THE most inappropriate things at inopportune times (funny!)…and the pedophile uncle. *sigh* But he was the most sympathetic character out of the whole confusing mess of a play. Rather freaks me out, in fact. I remember, in China, one of my fellow teachers wouldn’t continue to watch Dexter with me because she couldn’t handle sympathizing with a “cold-blooded killer.” It’s kinda like that. And I was actually playing the guy, reading the lines, and it was…really peculiar. I was squicked out and sympathetic at the same time, the poor bastard. Sadly, I think we’re going to be working on this play the whole semester, culminating in putting it on (although how we’re going to manage with only three of us, I have no idea). Now that I know my fellow to-be’s a lititle better…I think I’m still going to be stuck with the pedophile. *shudders*

But, moving right along, he let us out early, and I shot home through a very gorgeous evening. What should I have done? Gone to bed early, you say? Yes, probably. What did I do, in fact? I scratched my online itch. I hadn’t been online in three days (so I bit him!), so I was rather worried about my inboxen—and I wanted to take care of some business and mess about a bit. Put up my blog entries, in point of fact. (Sarahofthedead had a great way of putting it for her blog: “Updating like it’s 2003.” Well, here’s to the new year!) So…yes. Who went to bed slightly late? Me! Me!

And I had an incredible dream about testing a brand new videogame in the virtual world while the real world leaked away from me. I missed out on what was going on on campus to the point where I missed FIVE of my students coming there to study abroad. I was put-out with myself, but the virtual world was soooo pretty.

I’m still trying to figure out what my subconscious is after at this point. It was patting me on the head for a few days (a scary prospect; makes me wonder what it was plotting), then it kept giving me odd relationship problems (I didn’t share those dreams with you all—but let’s just say that the tamest one was trying to explain to my mom why I’d gotten a Chinese girlfriend), and, now, ultra-cool worlds juxtaposed with a boring but necessary reality. I think I’d prefer the nightmares, thank you. They were much more interesting yet equally hard to figure out.

Continuing on with cranial matters, as we were, my brain has a new trick. Let’s wake PA up two hours before her alarm! Doesn’t matter if I’ve only been asleep for three hours. It must be time to open those baggy browns. *sigh* Stupid brain. But we persevered, were rewarded with videogames—and still woke up a little early. But it was close enough to the alarm that I got up and headed out for my early morning run about on-time (I wasted a few moments grumbling).

The run was…just delovely. There’s something about running in the waning dark, while the air is cool and everclean and the black fades to a growing rainbow of false dawn…*happy sigh* Still wouldn’t get up this early voluntarily, but this is a nice reward for when I do. I could actually *feel* myself waking up as I ran (it took a while), and I spent a little time playing with my languages while talking to myself. Haven’t done that in quite a while. I also got to see the city wake up as I flew by: delivery trucks and a tomblike quiet gradually giving way to walkers, commuters, and fellow runners.

Not much to add after that. I’ve been given, I think, by this point (it’s about 2:30 PM) four or five total projects today. None of them really require thinking, which is both a blessing (I’m tired; I know the projects to come in the “real” job will be quite challenging) and a curse (I don’t like to go so long without thinking).

Tonight promises to be interesting, with another four intense hours of improve to slog through. I wonder if there’ll be any improvement in raising my emotional levels? I’m already feeling a little more relaxed at work, but whether that’s me settling into the place, resigning myself to my new schedule, or some meaningful loosening up in the grey matter that remains is something we’ll have to wait and see on.

On an entirely side note, it’s been amusing to see what my “mindless job” songs are on the ol’ mental jukebox. We’ve gone through the Beatles, Rent, Rolling Stones, and this lovely little instrumental from the 90s that I still want to know the name for. I’m sure there will be others. But they’ve just bopped from here to there to there, since I’m not consciously picking songs.

On a sad note, I read in the paper today that the actor who played Otho in Beetlejuice has died at 58. And that he died from falling from his wheelchair. That’s horrible! I feel bad for him, yes, but this is an actor from a movie I grew up with. I feel like a piece of my childhood died.

On another entirely unrelated note (this is what you get with appendices), aside from the schedule and the no me-time, life is pretty dang good. I get to get so much done here at work, since I don’t have a computer to distract me! After my snack, I’m just about to jump into a long e-mail to LepusDomesticus, which, in addition to making up for my long silence, will hopefully spur me onto how to kick Former Kingdom in the butt and get it started properly. And I still have about two hours left of work! (And they still haven’t found me yet to give me more projects, hee hee). So life, as they say, is pretty dang good. Wish it could be good out in what looks like glorious fall sunshine just outside my window. Oh, well. It’s almost the weekend. But I have to say, to be in cubicleland, I prefer my first government job. There, at least, they didn’t torment you with windows. Only the grand high poobahs got windows to suffer with.

One last entirely unrelated, and rather amusing, note (I’m sure I’ll run out of these or they’ll give me another project eventually). So, I’m wearing some of the brand new clothes that my sweet Dad let me buy from him for my birthday (does that make sense?), and they’re a little more stylish that my usual. Have to get ready for the “real” job, you see. Or rather, you don’t, ‘cuz there are no pictures (yuk, yuk, yuk), but you know what I mean. So, I’m wearing this shiny blue shirt (shiny!), and it’s—shall wee say—just a little-blast. The brain is only giving me Spanish at the moment. Dig out your translators!-ahinchado or ajusticado than my usual. Not so that it’s noticeable (I hope) to anyone but those with my unique, up-close perspective, or I wouldn’t wear it. But still. It’s there. Well, I happened to notice the tag this morning, and no wonder. It’s a small! When did I ever wear a small?? I mean, after ten years old? I’m shriiinking, I’m shriiinking! Yikes!

*My badge is such that I have to have an escort. I think I mentioned this yesterday, but it leads to the fun of calling and calling and calling people until someone is willing to bring you upstairs. Fun. It also means you’re dependent on someone else to leave in the afternoon. I do not like to be dependent on other people—especially when I HAVE to catch the 5:09 metro train, and would much rather catch the 4:45 train. (Then I can walk. :) )
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